Time to tell a story about how farming MUT Coins

At this point, EA has reduced its annual release to one science. Whether it's FIFA, Madden or anything else, they do the same thing. Based on the basic game of the previous year, add or adjust some aspects of game playing methods, etc. You have finished the next game in the series. This is enough to eliminate the idea that you "just release the same game through team updates" (unless it's FIFA on switch).

EA's Tiburon studio, using Madden 20, studied this proven approach and decided to do more. Although the Madden 20 is not a complete revolution in the series, it's definitely just incremental improvement, with enough additions to make this season's version more valuable.

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Let's start with the biggest new feature in the series: X-factor superstar capabilities. At the start-up, 50 players have been given the ability of "X-factor abilities", which actually transform the best player in the League into the best player in the league. Although the overall evaluation of players is very important, the potential competition ability of players is better than this.

Aaron Donald, for example, is considered the best player in the league. In Madden 20 , Donald is definitely a saboteur But he's still just a defensive line. But donald can be a real saboteur in the madden 20.

Getting players into the "zone" is the key to winning the game on Madden 20, and all 50 players have the "zone" ability, which destroys the opponent's game plan. With Donald, he gets two sacks. He unlocks the "fear monger" ability, which will exert pressure on the quarterback even if he fights the blocker, resulting in a higher probability of passing mistakes.

Of course, you can get players out of the area. If you pick up the 30 yard attack code, Donald will return to the regular old Donald. But it's these abilities that make players almost superhuman versions of themselves, which makes the most interesting thing for a while. It's exciting to throw a pass with Aaron "gambler" Rogers (can't be intercepted by AI defenders to Julio "double me" Jones (catch every ball in a single cover)). This is the best way to refine maiden into its purest form.

However, the X-factor states are not limited to these 50 Madden coins. If you choose to start franchise savings, players can develop and learn these capabilities when they reach certain milestones and goals. If they miss these goals, they may lose their ability. This is an assignment rarely seen in Madden and is certainly welcome in terms of the experience of improving the franchise model.

Time to tell a story

The next important addition to the series is a model called "franchising face.". In maddens 20 and 20 , the soloist has been able to control Devin Wade with a strange and fascinating story pattern, longshot. Well, longshot has been abandoned and tends to be something personal.

The face of franchising lets you create your own quarterback. You have full control over their appearance, sound and animation in the game. From there, you choose to join one of several real-life university teams and become their first quarterback in the 2019 playoff. Based on your performance in the playoffs, subsequent mergers and team interviews, then team selection, and then into the career model as a quarterback.

What's most striking about this pattern is the variety of results you can get. When I was ranked 23rd by the dolphins as a whole, I knew the wild horses had put them in sixth place, and others were released before the season after being selected in the fourth round. Although this may be harsh, it increases the bet on the model, otherwise, there is virtually no model.

However, it is disappointing how quickly the story type elements run out. From the end of your university career and the beginning of your actual career, your coach, opposition players and people you meet in the "University" part of the game will continue to convey information to you. But once your rookie season is over, it becomes a model similar to a straight-line career. I understand that the team behind the model is planning to release updates to reflect the real life of the season, but so far, it's a bit immature.

I don't know what you mean? Through in-game access, or through these game token dealers. If you get it through the game, complete the task as much as possible, win the game, and then repeat. If you are strong enough, it is actually very easy and fast to buy MUT coins.

As for the purchase of coins, there are many stores, such as vhpg, but you need to remind you that the first purchase of coins EA will warn you and confiscate your gold coins. If EA finds a second purchase, your account will be blocked. So I want you to think about it before you take action.

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