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Sep 12 '17
2017-09-12 16:23:04
For those facilities who are doing electronic prescribing (with or without EPCS) what is your process for new or refill prescriptions when discharging a nursing home patient?
Thanks very much in advance for your answers.
Mary Selfridge, MBA RN
Clinical Application Specialist
IT Department
Morris Hospital
Sep 13 '17
2017-09-13 14:56:20
Good morning,
We are currently working on how to accomplish e-prescribing for our long term care facility since our last upgrade (6.08pp24). One of the issues that we have encountered with refills is that we are unable to convert past prescriptions on the same account number. In the convert routine, the Rx's default to "New Med" but we are unable to Submit. This requires us to manually re-enter each medication when a refill is needed which very time is consuming for the staff.
For new prescriptions, we use the convert routine to determine which prescriptions need to be sent to the retail pharmacy. We have learned that it is best for the providers to enter in controlled substances instead of having the nurses queue the orders because when they transmit, the DEA and NPI are blank.
Any information on how other sites are handling refills on the same account number would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,
Jessica Yoxall, RN, BSN
Clinical Systems Analyst
Information Systems
Oneida Healthcare
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