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Mar 21 '17
2017-03-21 20:39:41
Dear Friends of the "L"
The hospitals I'm at are switching to another vendor, going LIVE this
It is with great sadness that I bid you farewell. After nearly 30 years
(since 1988) of being a Meditech customer, MUSE attendee and contributor
to the Meditech "L", I will be dropping off of the "L".
I want to thank so many of you for helping the Meditech community and me
all of these years. I don't want to try listing your names because I know
that as soon as I hit "Send", I'll think of someone I missed.
My "Meditech Toolbox" is full of tidbits, attributes, rules and reports
that I have gleaned from you. These tools have helped us provide
excellent patient care and appreciative users of the system.
Anyway, you've been the greatest. I hope you continue to excel and share
your wealth of knowledge with each other on the "L".
Thanks again,
Brian Golden
Sr. Clinical Analyst
Southern Illinois Healthcare
(618) 351-1900 ext 67219
Mar 22 '17
2017-03-22 15:18:08
Best wishes, Brian! You’ll definitely be missed!! L

julia carter, cpar
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Mar 22 '17
2017-03-22 15:28:32
Best wishes also to Brian. I am going through this also. I have not unsubscribed yet but will be soon. I already miss the Meditech community and support from others doing the same thing. I have not found that in the Cerner world yet. We go live on April Fool's Day. Wish us luck.

Thanks for all the help that I have gotten from this group.

Jim Sehloff
Caretech Solutions at Holy Family Memorial
Manitowoc, WI 54221-1450
Mar 22 '17
2017-03-22 17:15:35
Best wishes and Good luck to you!
You will be missed.

Mar 22 '17
2017-03-22 20:15:44
Aw, Jim, you, too? I'm so sorry to hear this. We'll definitely miss you,
Senior Management Consultant
Phone 229.891.6668
Mar 22 '17
2017-03-23 01:50:56
At least with epic you get to double and quadruple your support staff.
On Wed, Mar 22, 2017 at 4:20 PM, Charles Downs <
Charles.Downs@trivergenthealth.com> wrote:
> They are taking Epic recommendation to the board tomorrow for approval. I
> would imagine we will be in the same boat in the not too distant future.
> The physicians drove this decision for the most part. I believe that you
> are going to see more of this with consolidation.
> Charlie Downs
Mar 23 '17
2017-03-23 14:57:31
Just curious for you guys switching to Epic after Meditech what is the selling point that seals the deal?
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Mar 24 '17
2017-03-24 18:15:41
We recently went through a full system selection after 24 years on the Magic platform (both hospital and LSS/MPM). We looked at Epic (Community Connect), Cerner (Community Works), Meditech 6.16, McKesson and Evident (CPSI). Interestingly, Epic scored the lowest of the vendors and didn’t garner a single vote from a physician – and we looked at them twice. Our finalists were Meditech and Cerner, and we chose Meditech after a very thorough review that included functionality, user interface and of course cost.
Tom Bluhm
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Mar 24 '17
2017-03-24 19:51:28
It has been a pleasure to know you and share tidbits back and forth, you will be truly missed by all here. Best of luck with your new system, I am sure you will excel at it, as you did with Meditech.