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Jun 16 '16
2016-06-16 12:36:29
Good morning! I think I have the groundwork laid for my rule, but it's not working correctly and I'm not finding exactly what I need on Meditech's web site. Hoping someone can fine tune it for me.
The items on my group response are numbered 1-6, which is attached to query: G.DRIP7. If they select 1, 2, 5 or 6, I want them to have to answer the yes/no question attached to query: G.DRIP22.
The way I have it now, regardless of what they select, it is giving the error message and the assessment is closing. I don't want it to close. Help?

Carrie I Mikos, RN
Clinical Analyst<>
(903) 439-4144

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Jun 16 '16
2016-06-16 13:09:36
Hi Carrie,
Can you cut and paste the rule logic into the email? That's likely where the issue is, but the screenshot is too small to determine if your punctuation in the rule logic is valid.

Andrew Ventura, Pharm.D, MBA
Pharmacy Informaticist
Augusta Health, Fishersville VA
C/S 5.67pp6