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Sep 29 '15
2015-09-29 16:51:59
Hi All,
We are a 60.7 pp6 site. We created stored procedures with Date range parameters on them out of SQL 2008r and used Visual Studios to fine tune the report for the End Users. We deployed the report to the Report Manager. Now when we enter the Date range (Begin Date and End Date) there is not a Calendar Option for the end users to chose the dates. They have to to type them out.
The calendar display works just fine in Visual Studios.
How do you get the Calendar lookup to display in the Report Manager when choosing the Date range?
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Sep 29 '15
2015-09-29 17:18:16
Hi Mark

Data Type of the report Parameters (Begin Date and End Date) should be
"DateTime" in Report Manager. If re-deploying doesn't fix the issue then you
should delete the report and deploy it again (from Studio).


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Sep 29 '15
2015-09-29 19:38:28
Check which Browser you are using. Remember that this is a Microsoft product and will support Internet Explorer.
Chrome will work with Reporting Services, but not always be fully functional. I can replicate this same issue when I use Chrome as the browser
Jeff Willett
Randolph Hospital