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Jul 15 '14
2014-07-15 11:55:15
Hi everyone, curious what others think about this situation. At present, we have 4 analysts in IT that build Meditech content - 1 clinical (me) and 3 non-clinical. We just completed a Meditech Optimization for our ED. The recommendation from Meditech is I get some clinical assistance for the build process from our ED - basically we need to rebuild nursing in our ED. The ED nursing is built in MIS as CDSs, so we all can appreciate this complexity, as it is not always intuitive at first. Meditech tells me many sites are now using non-IT staff to assist with building the systems. I would like to hear from any of you on pros/cons, etc. We are Magic 5.66 pp8. Thanks!

Kathy Maraschin, BSN, RNC, CPHIT
Clinical Informatics Analyst
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Jul 15 '14
2014-07-15 12:19:53
Hi Kathy,
We are a 6.07 site. We brought on the EDM module in July of 2013. We recruited some of the ED nurses for the build for approx 6 months( the previous ED module was T System). It was good to have the end user insight and this also helped with buy in of the new ED module among the staff. None of the build staff had much IT background, but they picked up the build fairly quickly. I believe that helped with the our transition. I would stress to whoever you bring on to your team, that what they build or changes they make could have unknown repercussions in other areas of MT, so a good project manager and oversight is key.
Good luck,
Mark Becker MT(ASCP)
Clinical Analyst
Graham Hospital
210 West Walnut,
Canton IL 61520

Jul 16 '14
2014-07-16 06:57:57
I would point out that some dictionaries, especially the clinical ones, have impact in many areas. Regardless of where staff sit, strong change control and communication policies should be considered mandatory.

John Taylor
Systems Analyst, Information Technology
Augusta Health | Office: (540)332-4882
Jul 16 '14
2014-07-16 07:23:08
Agree strongly with John. One nutty person with dictionary access could
shut down your hospital pretty darn quick.
With Magic we started with 1 IT manager, 2 Clinical IT people, 2
Financial IT people and 2 Network people.
When we moved from Magic to 6.0 (Including LSS in 10 specialty
practices.) we had teams of 6-10 users for each module headed by the IT
person in charge of that module.
Not all users were allowed to work on dictionaries. Generally there were
1 to 2 users with this access in addition to the IT person. This access
was removed just after Go Live.
We are a critical access hospital so we are small. There were many
people working on 2 to 3 modules.... which worked out well as the
modules are so interdependent.
We DID NOT add any staff. We had NO consultants. We all grew very old
very quickly.
We added CPOE and PDOC (Meditech and LSS big bang) to the above 6 mos
later and we added 2 clinical IT staff members. About a year later we
added a Part Time Pharmacy position and another full time Clinical
person. Documentation, orders and ERX require a lot of babysitting.
Hope this helps,
Howard D.Chase, RN
Senior Clinical Systems Analyst
Androscoggin Valley Hospital
59 Page Hill Road
Berlin, NH 03570
On 7/16/2014 9:57 AM, Taylor, John wrote:
> I would point out that some dictionaries, especially the clinical ones,
> have impact in many areas. Regardless of where staff sit, strong change
> control and communication policies should be considered mandatory.
> Thanks,
> **
> *John Taylor*
> Systems Analyst, Information Technology
> Augusta Health | Office: (540)332-4882
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> Hi, Kathy,
> I€™ve frequently seen non-IT staff building queries and CDSs, either for
> their module/department or for others. There is usually some sort of
> Super User in a department who can build or help maintain some
> module-specific dictionaries.
> The aptitude and skills of an individual are more important than the
> department to which he/she reports (except for the allocation of the man
> hours, of course!)
> Julia
> Julia Carter, CPAR
> Jacobus
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> *Subject:* [MT-L] Configuration assistance from outside of IT
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